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Remote sensing is a set of recording, processing and interpreting data techniques, exploiting electromagnetic energy as an information carrier. Remote sensing uses images detected by planes, satellites and drones to characterize the Earth surface in all its interest parameters. The many remote sensing data applications are all fundamental for territory and environment analysis, monitoring and management.

Powered by satellite platforms, remote sensing achieved by satellite platforms represents an enormous low-cost data source, expanded by details and high temporal repetition.

Iptsat has been involved for years in the Remote Sensing world through:

  • Constellations Planet, Quickbird, GeoEye, Ikonos,Pleiades, Spot, Aster, Landsat (7, 8), Triplesat; Jlin, ZY3, Geofen images distribution
  • Proximity remote sensing activities implementation using UAV drones radio controlled
  • Monitoring plans definition
  • Remote sensing data processing and classification services supply, such as
    • images analysis and interpretation
    • geometric and radiometric correction applications
    • thematic and derived maps production
    • cartography creation and updating
    • DEM elaboration (Digital Elevation Model)
  • High added value solutions supply for
    • Environmental, agricultural, vegetation and forestry resources study and control
    • urban planning and infrastructure monitoring
    • building identification and environmental abuses
    • archaeological, landscaped, cultural and touristic assets conservation and management
    • natural and environmental disasters emergency support

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