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RapidEye for Agriculture
Provides a huge amount of images that allow the extraction of accurate and timely information relevant harvest.
Very High Resolution Data
Using scenes acquired by satellites with very high spatial resolution has opened additional application scenarios in a very small scale, typical of administrations and local authorities
Geographic Information System
Organized set of hardware, software and people, aimed at the acquisition, management, analysis and visualization of alphanumerical and graphical information related to a given territory.
Land and Geology
Knowledge of spatial features and their evolution in time, is the starting point for an optimization of management. To do this, the process of study and planning, may be supported by GIS solutions (like geographic databases and geographic information systems)
Smart Cities
Iptsat develops projects of infrastructure and harmonization of geographic data within the municipalities, making them accessible and usable by the greatest number of users possible through conversion to open data and publication in catalogs and webgis.

Land and Geology


The knowledge of the spatial features and their evolution over time, is the starting point for an optimization of management. To do this, the process of study and planning, can be supported by GIS solutions (such as geographical databases and geographic information systems), as well as satellite data (historical and current), in particular for

  • Creation, updating and archiving of paper and digital information a cartographic and cadastral maps and/or any other geographic data and alphanumeric
  • Consulting, querying and editing of spatial data via web
  • Census and control unauthorized building (multitemporal analysis of urban areas)
  • Direct production of extracts and certifications

urban areas

The great metropolis, as well as medium and small cities are affected by the use and, above all, the abuse of territorial resources of relevance. There is growing need to have modern and efficient tools to be used to control urban expansion, land degradation and analysis of potentially hazardous situations for the environment and man.

urban expansion

The multi-temporal analysis of urban areas, obtained by superimposing images of the same area recorded at different times, offers the opportunity to highlight the changes that occurred over the years and allows you to follow the urban development of a given area in the passage of time. The current provisions of the law predict that by December 31, 2013 every town council is autonomous in the management of the Urban Land Registry and Agricultural pertaining to them.

census of child abuse and control building permits

The problem of unauthorized building is for municipalities the "Achilles heel", either because there are no reliable records in time, either because the resources to devote to the management of the problem are scarce or scattered in the maze Public Offices.
Oggi il Controllo e la repressione di tali abusi può diventare anche una fonte di reddito derivata dall'acquisizione di sanatorie, condoni e dei tributi da esse direttamente e indirettamente derivati.
Today, the control and repression of such abuse can also become a source of income derived from the acquisition of amnesties, pardons and taxes directly and indirectly derived from them.
The instruments used to manage such issues so far have shown little profit, in fact, the simple mapping, which is essential for many Institutional and productive activities, suffers from a constitutional defect that results from the methodologies used up to now for its production.
As much as the official map is accurate, it suffers the misalignment with the actual situation due to the scarcity of resources devoted to its timely updating Images with aircraft overflights, expensive now, old and born by their very nature, the planes fly in fact only periodically at very high costs and with many constraints imposed by Aviation Authorities.
The satellite images offer a viable solution to these problems because the overflight is continuous, the update is therefore guaranteed and the costs are much lower than other. The images of the territory, remote sensing satellite, may be used in this sense as a solution capable of providing timely, cartographic products updated and consistent to the context, ie able to bridge the time gap between the need of urgent information and the ability to have Official information reference.

online system semi-automatic change detection

The Change Detection is the technique of remote sensing image processing by satellite, in our case, high resolution, for the detection and / or discrimination of environmental changes over time.
Iptsat is developing a semi-automatic analysis of changes in ArcGIS for Server through the study of classification algorithms to be implemented within the web-gis. This research will help the local authorities that want to join the project, to develop activities more effective control and monitoring of the territory of competence, at very low cost. Our research is aimed at protecting our cities and our environment, providing a rapid technological tool, economic and sustainable development, among many innovations also selected to represent the Italian innovative companies at the World Expo in Shanghai 2010.


GIS technologies and the products of remote sensing experts provide a consistent set of tools to support the creation of geological maps by reducing the number of visits to the site and therefore the costs of the entire activity. With regard to the Volcanology and Hydrology data collected by satellite and managed using GIS tools, they are very useful for civil protection and the communities affected by these issues.

geological maps

The realization in the geological field mapping is mainly based on photo interpretation of satellite images properly processed.
The sensor most widely used, at present, for the study is the lithological Thematic Mapper as its number of bands allows wide possibilities of processing such as to highlight the spectral differences between the different lithologies.

Examples of photo-interpretation of satellite images in geology.
Examples of photo-interpretation of satellite images in geology.

volcanology and earthquakes

The terrestrial heat flow is an extremely important indicator in the study of geothermal resources and monitoring of active volcanoes. As elements for the analysis of the volcano are considered the distribution of vegetation and multispectral technologies in the field of near infrared, mid-and far, identifying thermal anomalies. In the case of layer volcanoes with effusive eruptive mechanisms remote sensing allows to map the lava flows of different ages as in the case of Mount Etna.
In addition, through the acquisition of satellite imagery in near real time, Iptsat is able to produce risk maps in real time. These maps can be used by the authorities to deploy emergency aid on the spot. Through the acquisition of stereo satellite pairs are able to also produce maps in 3D on the changes of the territory.


By layering of historical data and current data we are able to produce maps of geological change, checking the degree of risk of harm and that certain areas have suffered.
Significant results were produced by remote sensing in the case of floods.

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