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RapidEye for Agriculture
Provides a huge amount of images that allow the extraction of accurate and timely information relevant harvest.
Very High Resolution Data
Using scenes acquired by satellites with very high spatial resolution has opened additional application scenarios in a very small scale, typical of administrations and local authorities
Geographic Information System
Organized set of hardware, software and people, aimed at the acquisition, management, analysis and visualization of alphanumerical and graphical information related to a given territory.
Land and Geology
Knowledge of spatial features and their evolution in time, is the starting point for an optimization of management. To do this, the process of study and planning, may be supported by GIS solutions (like geographic databases and geographic information systems)
Smart Cities
Iptsat develops projects of infrastructure and harmonization of geographic data within the municipalities, making them accessible and usable by the greatest number of users possible through conversion to open data and publication in catalogs and webgis.

Urban Planning and Smart Cities

Regional Planning

Iptsat can boast extensive experience in the planning, both in the construction of the geographic database, and in the preparation of thematic maps, and in the preparation and presentation of the data, as well as in analysis and interpretation.

Among the services offered:

municipal gis implementation

  • Iptsat offers the possibility to realize their geographic database according to the specifications laid down in Inspire Directive, at low cost.
    The creation of a Municipal SIT includes: the creation of the Geographic Database, the publication of data via WebGis, through the maintenance of the same hosting services with different users.

normalization of data on the cadastre

  • The figure is the cadastral map item reference that is used by administrative agencies for planning.
    In a cadastral map they are distinctive features such as the land parcels and buildings. The cadastral data is very often made available to the administrative bodies in CAD formats and they are not always compatible with the normal functions of a GIS system.
    Iptsat offers support activities to make the data usable on all platforms cadastral GIS.

 Example of Regional Landscape Territorial Plan
Example of Regional Landscape Territorial Plan (Regione Sicilia - Ambito VI).
Example of acoustic Zoning.
Example of acoustic Zoning.


  • The Certificate of Town Planning is the document that contains the technical requirements of urban planning and a planning of land or buildings and is normally required for deeds of sale, succession, contractual stipulations, or in all those cases in which you want to know all the constraints that fall into a specific area.
    The certification is issued by municipal offices at the citizen's request and is valid for one year. Iptsat is able to provide automated solutions, both on the local platform on which shared platform (web), which allow the release of the CDU. Iptsat solutions involve the use of data organized in a (Municipal Geographic Information System).
    The CDU is obtained by use of a WebGIS application that can process query functions of SIT and prepare the information released by the system, in the following format
  • Alphanumeric
  • Geographical
  • Printable

Smart Cities

"The expression Smart Cities (English smart city) states, in the broadest sense, is an urban environment that can act actively to improve the quality of life of its citizens. The smart city manages to reconcile and meet the needs of citizens, businesses and institutions, thanks to their widespread and innovative use of ICT, particularly in the fields of communication, mobility, environment and energy efficiency.Although the meaning of this expression has not yet been uniquely defined in detail, there is some agreement on the characteristics of attention to people's needs, prudent management of resources, sustainable development and economic sustainability."

Source Wikipedia

The cities have become the focal point of political and economic strategies of the new millennium. The guidelines of economic development organizations and international legislators follow the "megatrends" that characterize the city of the 21st century. These "trends" are:

  • The relentless growth of the population with a continuous increase in the level of urbanization
  • A significant environmental impact of cities that consume 75% of the world resources and are responsible for 80% of CO2 emissions, with a significant economic and social impact for the consumption and waste of vital immeasurable resources
  • A wide globalization that exposes urban realities in opposite trends or growth (with problems of overcrowding, congestion, inadequate transport systems) or decline (reversal of traffic, decaying infrastructure, lower availability and economic development).

What are Smart Cities? They are smart cities, in practice the cities (understood as administrations, citizens and businesses) who are able to communicate their technical and technological infrastructure in a smart way..

The data and geospatial technologies represent perhaps the "smarter" data, able to solve problems at various levels.

Iptsat develops projects of infrastructure harmonization and geographical data within the municipalities, making them accessible and usable by the largest number of users possible through conversion to open data and publishing catalogs and webgis.

We develop 3D models of cities across the software Esri CityEngine

For further informations: European Initiative Smart-Cities

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