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RapidEye for Agriculture
Provides a huge amount of images that allow the extraction of accurate and timely information relevant harvest.
Very High Resolution Data
Using scenes acquired by satellites with very high spatial resolution has opened additional application scenarios in a very small scale, typical of administrations and local authorities
Geographic Information System
Organized set of hardware, software and people, aimed at the acquisition, management, analysis and visualization of alphanumerical and graphical information related to a given territory.
Land and Geology
Knowledge of spatial features and their evolution in time, is the starting point for an optimization of management. To do this, the process of study and planning, may be supported by GIS solutions (like geographic databases and geographic information systems)
Smart Cities
Iptsat develops projects of infrastructure and harmonization of geographic data within the municipalities, making them accessible and usable by the greatest number of users possible through conversion to open data and publication in catalogs and webgis.

ESRI Software

ArcGIS is a complete GIS system that allows you to add value to decision-making and operational organizations through the application of geographic knowledge. Iptsat is part of the Esri Partner Network and Business Network Esri Italia, ealing with the sale, assistance and development of customized software ArcGIS.

Software ESRI: ArcGIS Platform.
ESRI Software: ArcGIS.

ArcGIS for Desktop is the software product that provides a wide range of advanced GIS tools that allow you to discover patterns, relationships and trends that characterize geospatial data, highlighting what is often not easily derived from a database, a spreadsheet, and a tool for statistical analysis.
In addition to displaying data as geometric elements on a map, ArcGIS for Desktop allows their management and integration, advanced spatial analysis, modeling, the ability to automate operational processes, and display the results on professional-quality maps.
ArcGIS for Desktop is available in three license levels: Basic, Standard and Advanced (formerly known respectively as ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo).

ArcGIS for Server allows you to create, manage, and distribute GIS services on the Web to support heterogeneous client applications in the desktop, mobile and web.
ArcGIS for Server facilitate to access to services by professionals GIS Geographic Information, field workers and by users who are not very experienced with GIS technology.
ArcGIS for Server provides the ability to centrally manage all types of GIS data, vector and raster images. ArcGIS for Desktop environment: you can set up projects that include maps and GIS tools, to be transformed into web services accessible ArcGIS for Server in enterprise environments and web.
Another feature of ArcGIS for Server is scalability, which allows installation on a single system, in order to support small workgroups, or distribution on multiple servers in an Enterprise environment, ensuring the effective operation of a 'high amount of users also of considerable amounts of data.
In addition, ArcGIS for Server can be implemented even on the most common types of infrastructure Cloud.

ArcGIS Online is the cloud platform, "ready to use", to create and share maps, applications, data and geographic content, with the ability to access a rich collection of geographic data base worldwide coverage. ArcGIS Online is the management platform for organizations and companies that can create maps and applications to share with their users, through ready-made content, applications and templates. The platform is available via web and can also be used with smartphones and tablets. Simple to use, it does not require any installation and configuration.

For further information: ArcGIS Online Iptsat

ArcGIS Mobile Apps for Smartphone and Tablet: the app developed for smart devices allow you to extend the capabilities of GIS enterprise to a large number of users.
ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is the ideal tool for organizations that need to deploy GIS data and functionality from centralized servers to a wide range of mobile devices. ArcPad: is the professional mobile application that allows a high accuracy of data collection and ensures high productivity for field operations.

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